•  John L. Brash

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    Fellow Royal Society of Canada
    University Professor Department of Chemical Engineering, McMaster University
    Visiting professor,College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
    Editor of Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces

    • 详细介绍

      B.Sc.            University of Glasgow             1958 (AppliedChemistry)
      Ph.D.            University of Glasgow             1961 (AppliedChemistry)

      Chair, Gordon Research Conference onBiocompatibility and Biomaterials, 1993.
      Clemson Award for Basic Research, U.S. Societyfor Biomaterials, 1994.
      Fellow Biomaterials Science and Engineering (International Union of Societies for Biomaterials Science and Engineering) 1996.
      Honorary degree, Docteur Honoris Causa, Université Paris XIII (Paris Nord), 1996.
      University Professor, McMaster University,2001. This is the highest academic honour given by McMaster University to its professorial staff.
      Festschrift in my honour, J Biomat Sci Polymer Edn, volume 13 (2002).
      Fellow Royal Society of Canada,2004.

      Research Projects:

      1.Biotechnology and Biomaterials
      2.Polymerization and Polymer Characterization
      3.Modification of Surfaces for Biotechnology Applications


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