The Macromolecules and Biointerface Lab (MacBio) of Soochow University was established in January, 2010 and was officially approved as a university-level key laboratory in 13 August, 2012. Our lab, rooted in the field of polymer science,consists of researchers in multiple disciplines including chemistry, biology, material science and physics, and thereby has the natural advantage of carrying out cross-disciplinary research at the interface between polymer science and biology. On the fundamental level, our research spans from the design and development of bio-functional material surfaces at the molecular level to uncovering interaction mechanismsbetween biomolecules/cells and materials through advanced characterization methods. Moreover,we are also working on the design and preparation of materials for biomedical implantation, biosensors and bioseparation. To date, our lab has developed researchdirections with distinct and independent features. These include (1) exploring effects of surface topology on cell adhesion andfunction, (2) surface modification and functionalization of biomaterials, (3) uncovering interaction mechanisms between protein/cell and biomaterialsurfaces, as well as (4) molecular recognition and signal transduction of biomaterials.

Surrounding the core scientific problem that is the regulation of biointerface, the long-term goal of our research is to develop materials with the function of disease diagnosis and treatment and with improved performance. As a step further, we also explore the possibility of turning fundamental researchinto technological applications to develop technologies with independent intellectual property rights.


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